Statfold Natural Products


Statfold Natural Products is a family-run business based in Tamworth, Staffordshire, who specialise in manufacturing cold-pressed seed oil. Verto has a long-standing relationship with Statfold and always strives to help them meet their business goals: maintain their home-grown brand while appealing to larger clientele, by highlighting their professionalism and manufacturing capabilities. To that end, our SEO efforts for Statfold are a testament to our ability to help augment results within a niche industry.


97% Increase

After launching their new website, and having experienced the natural drop in organic metrics that most new launches experience, Statfold were looking for an agency to help them boost their visibility on search engines to increase valuable organic traffic. In addition, Statfold had recently pivoted toward white label products, and needed their digital marketing to be in good shape to promote these services.


33% Increase

The first step in the process was to undertake in-depth keyword research that identified opportunities for optimisation across the individual pages on their website. Verto then began to expand page content to ensure that pages met the best practices for content length; that information presented was user-friendly and accessible; and that each page was targeting a distinctive long-tail keyword.

Along the way, Verto conducted a series of technical SEO checks, and provided regular maintenance and updates to keep the site in tip-top health. The result of our efforts was an amazing increase in impressions and clicks from Google over a 12-month period. Between 2022 and 2023, impressions on Google increased by 97%, and clicks through to the site from Google increased by 33%.

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