3 Reasons To Invest in Professional Copywriting


Over recent decades digital marketing has seen the increasing use of visuals as a form of advertisement, and while visuals are important to a brand, it would naïve to assume that they are the most important or most successful element of advertising. Written content still dominates the digital marketing scene, and content marketing has been declared as the future of B2B and B2C marketing. Copywriting is a necessary practice if businesses are to be successful. Indeed, findings show that, on average, successful businesses spend nearly 40 percent of their marketing budget on content marketing. The benefits of effective copy are endless, and good copy can amalgamate all aspects of marketing to create a successful and interesting brand. Below we list our top three reasons why you should invest in professional copywriting for your business.

Good copy should be search engine optimised

Getting noticed is a key element to making a successful brand, and copywriters can help with this. Not only can they create thoughtful and interesting content, copywriters know how to optimise your sites to achieve high numbers of virtual traffic. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is vital if you want to reach a wide audience, and most copywriters are armed with the skills and tools needed to make your site visible. They can recognise areas that are not optimised and can create content that will reach the target audience. Simply, the more optimised your site is, the more people will visit, resulting in more business for yourself.

Copywriters are adept at suiting your style

Businesses rely heavily on their brand that they create for themselves, but it can often be hard to create a cohesive and consistent brand. Professional copywriters ensure that written content matches the style, tone, and brand of your business. In-house copy can be a problem for many business owners, who are often too close to the business and therefore cannot write objectively. Copywriters are able to describe a business in a way that appeals to the everyday customer, without alienating them with technical jargon and excessive facts. In addition to this, copywriters are knowledgeable about current social trends and can keep your business up to date with fresh, original content through many different platforms, such as social media, websites, and print material.

Copywriting is time-consuming

Finally, when thinking of writing copy, it is important to remember that effective, well-written copy takes time, thought, and effort. Few businesses have spare resources to allocate to writing copy, and so outsourcing this task to a specialist is shrewd business practice and financially beneficial for any business. Professional copywriters are adept at working fast and to a deadline, leaving you time to focus on your business.


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