3 Ways to Know When Your Website Needs an Update


The importance of digital marketing is continuing to grow year on year, and your website will arguably be the most important part of your company’s digital strategy. While investing time and effort into effective SEO and social media is crucial, it will all be for nothing if your customers aren’t being directed to a well-designed, user-focused, website.

If your website features outdated design, copy, or imagery that no longer represents the business you are today, it could be time for any update. But designing and developing a new website can be expensive, especially one custom made just for you, so how can you know when the investment will be worth it?

1.Your corporate branding is inconsistent

If your company branding has been updated since your website was designed, your new logo and assets may no longer be consistent with the overall theme of the site, especially if you have made changes to colour schemes and fonts. A modern, minimalistic logo can end up looking lost on a busy webpage, while a bold new colour scheme might look jarring alongside remnants of your old one.

By updating your website to match your new branding, your site will not only look sleek and engaging, but it will also give you a consistent presence across all of your marketing, including brochures, social media, leaflets and any physical business locations. This will help to make your brand instantly recognisable for both existing and potential customers and ultimately help to increase conversions.

2.Your navigation is no longer user-friendly

While your site navigation may have once been easy to follow, if you’ve since added multiple new pages for new products and services it may be difficult for users to find exactly what they’re looking for. If they can’t find the right information, potential customers may end up taking their business elsewhere, so the user-experience is key.

A new custom website would be designed with all of your current services in mind. The most important information for customers would be front and centre, and easily accessed from any page thanks to intuitive and user-focused design features. This will help to reduce bounce rate, encouraging more sales as people stay on your site for longer.

3.Your mobile traffic is decreasing

If you’ve seen a long-term drop in your mobile traffic, it will likely be because your website isn’t mobile responsive. This means that a large proportion of your audience can’t access the information they need in a useable format for their mobile or tablet devices. In today’s busy world, a customer who doesn’t already have an established relationship with your brand is unlikely to switch devices to get a better experience on your website, and will instead simply find a competitor to spend their money with.

Ensuring your website has a mobile-responsive design is vital to make sure every customer has the same user experience no matter what device they’re using. Happy customers are far more likely to make purchases than frustrated ones, so the investment is sure to pay off in the long run.


As a leading digital design agency, Verto UK can create a bespoke website and branding specifically for your business. The designer assigned to your project will work closely with you right from the briefing stage to gain a full understanding of your business, alongside our copywriters and SEO specialists if required. With in-house development and a custom CMS too, our team are here to ensure you start reaping the benefits of your new site from the day it’s launched.

For more information about our web design and digital marketing capabilities, browse our website or give us a call on 01536 411153.

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