Why Content Calendars Are Important For Social Media Success


The importance of social media outreach in this day and age cannot be overestimated. By using an organised content calendar, this pre-planned strategy avoids the dreaded writer’s block of “what do I post on our socials?” when using an ad hoc system that relies heavily on bursts of inspiration.

If you have a business that you wish to promote to a wider audience, then efficient social media usage is essential. While it can be tempting to simply post once a week when inspiration strikes, a higher level of social media engagement is needed to boost views (and in turn sales). This is where content calendars come in.

So what do content calendars do?

A content calendar helps organise your social media activity by establishing what content you will post and when. Having a comprehensive visual guide of your content enables you to accurately gauge content themes and trends, which can then be easily tweaked or amended to suit the differing audiences on various social media platforms.


Our top 5 benefits of content calendar implementation include:

1. Solidifies your overall branding and marketing strategy

As previously mentioned, taking note of your content trends means that your social media posts’ alignment with your desired strategies will be far easier to manage – as well as this, spotting any content gaps or anomalies will result in swift action.

2. Consistency

In order to maintain your audience on social media, there needs to be a fine balance of how often you post. Posting multiple lengthy posts a day will put your audience off and oversaturate their feeds while posting sporadically will elicit an apathetic response to your posts. Frequent, relevant, and entertaining content ensures your business remains on the audience’s radar. A content calendar will not only reduce the stress of creating engaging posts before the optimum posting time but will also ensure that your content is well thought-through, resonating effectively with your audience.

3. Statistically aids in generating traffic

According to HubSpot’s 2019 research, companies that publish content more than sixteen times a month generate up to three and a half times more traffic compared to companies that publish content less than four times a month. Increased traffic leads to a wider reach and therefore greater potential for sales success.

4. Lays the foundation for long-term future posting success

The usage of content calendars also promotes the organisation and collection of potential content ideas, known as a content bank or repository. From videos to snappy one-liners to blog post ideas, having a creative repository ready to draw content from will save time, as well as provide further inspiration when fleshing out post ideas. Content that will always be relevant to your audience, known as ‘evergreen’ content, is excellent for filling any content gaps – concepts such as promoted or educational content are evergreen, whereas any company news, interviews or events can be organically shared as it arises.

5. Easily implemented stress-free solution

The concept of content calendars may sound slightly daunting, but in reality, it is very easily incorporated into your daily life as a business owner. With a myriad of social media channels to update fresh content to, it can be overwhelming when first utilising this system – luckily, there are tools available to help facilitate this task. From social media scheduling tools such as HootSuite and Sprout Social, to readily available online content calendar templates, you and your business will soon be scheduling innovative content in an organised manner.


At Verto, we provide the whole package – a solution to your social media needs, encompassing web and SEO expertise.

With our focus on ROI and results, our cohesive approach ensures your business vision can resonate with the right audience. Our portfolio speaks for itself! Get in touch today to discuss how we can help you achieve your business goals.

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