Verto Form Permanent Partnership With Tree Planting Charity


At Verto, we understand the impact our day-to-day activities can have on the environment. We are committed to being as eco-friendly as possible, and our partnership with Oak Offset means we can continue to honour this promise to our planet.

What is Oak Offset?

Oak Offset is a not-for-profit organisation that aims to offset individuals CO2 emissions by planting trees. Based in Devon, Oak Offset is planting hundreds of hedgerow trees, miniature forests, and areas of woodland to help encourage the absorption of CO2 we produce. Their non-profit model means that every penny is spent planting trees and offsetting the CO2 you produce.

What are the benefits?

Oak is a dense and strong wood that has high absorption capabilities. Studies have found that an individual oak tree can absorb up to 6 tonnes of CO2in 60 years of growth, and this figure increased to 20 tonnes at the age of 200. English Oak trees grow at a rate of 2.2cm per year, meaning the offsetting process is quick to begin. The store of carbon in the tree is kept inside, and the wood is made useful. Only when the wood is allowed to rot or is burnt is that carbon released.

Oak Offset carefully selects the land they use, ensuring they create planting sites from land that has no agricultural value. For 1 tonne of CO2released, Oak Offset assigns 1 tree, meaning you help to plant more trees than tonnes of CO2you produce. The improved biodiversity in selected areas helps to improve the local area, providing better air and water quality for residents close to plantation sites.

How did Verto help?

Verto works in partnership with Oak Offset and is a founding member of the organisation. As a business, we know it is our responsibility to make changes, and we were drawn to the opportunities Oak Offset presents; a way to actively take ownership of our impact on the environment, negatively and positively. Verto have supported the planting of many oak, birch, and cherry trees to help to offset the CO2 emissions that are generated by us as a business.

How do I get involved?

Simply head over to the Oak Offset website or get in touch on 07816 754188. Become an Offsetting Partner and help make a change to the environment.


For more information on Verto’s involvement in this project, get in touch on 01536 411153 or head over to our website. Verto is making strides in becoming eco-friendly; you can see more detail on the changes we have made to our office to support this in our blog.

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