5 Reasons Why You Should Choose an Agency to Redesign Your Website


Your website is one of the first things many potential customers will interact with when browsing the market. Not only does having a well-designed website strengthen your brand, it is also important in making it easy for users to convert into sales or contacting you directly.

Whether you’re looking for a complete rebrand or just want to bring your business up-to-date, you’ll want to look for an agency to help you through the process. But what makes agencies so valuable in supporting your new website from conception to launch? Here are 5 of the top reasons why you should choose an agency to redesign your website.

Understand Your Website Goals

Your company is striving for your own vision of success, and your website should reflect that. Whether you are looking to increase your eCommerce sales or want more leads through contact forms, the right agency will take the time to understand your goals and use that to inform the final design.

Save Time & Money

A full redesign of any website takes time and money, especially when you are inexperienced in web design. There are lots of areas to consider beyond just how the new design looks, including navigation, usability, and responsiveness. An experienced web design agency lets you go through the process much faster, working with you each step of the way to launch your new website earlier, saving you time, money, and resources.Get Fresh Ideas

There is never just one way to approach a website design. Partnering with an agency can help open your eyes to the range of possibilities available to you. Even if you think you are dedicated to a certain design, working with an external agency can contribute unique ideas that can bring the final design to life.

Similarly, the process should be collaborative, and your opinions and ideas will be instrumental in guiding the design process. After all, two minds are always better than one!

Design a Website That Stands Out

With millions of competitors, making a lasting first impression is crucial to getting your users to stay on your site and make return visits. Experienced web design agencies know what works and what doesn’t, and how you can bring your own unique branding to the forefront in a way that sets you apart.


It’s more important than ever for your website to not just be well-designed, but also well-optimised. Search engines such as Google place incredible emphasis on a variety of factors that influence where you will rank, and one of the most often overlooked aspects of SEO is the design of the website itself. An agency will have the experience to create a well optimised site with supportive navigation, mobile-responsiveness, and faster load speeds. These are all crucial to ensuring your sleek new design is shown to as many people as possible and you can begin reaping the rewards of a powerful online presence.


At Verto, we have over 20 years’ experience in creating powerful designs for hundreds of clients. If you are thinking of giving your website a new look, contact us today.

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